Songs About Surrendering: Letting the Music Guide Your Journey

Are you looking for songs that capture the essence of surrendering? Whether you want to explore the theme of surrendering in your worship or simply seek inspiration, music has the power to move and transform. From heartfelt ballads to powerful anthems, there is a song for everyone on this journey. In this blog post, we’ll delve into songs with surrender in their lyrics, discuss worship songs that encourage surrendering, and even explore the ultimate song for surrendering to God. So sit back, relax, and let the melodies guide your surrender.

Songs about Surrendering

When it comes to surrendering to the rhythm, there are plenty of songs that capture the feeling of just letting go and allowing the music to take control. One song that immediately comes to mind is “Dance Monkey” by Tones and I. With its catchy beat and addictive chorus, this song will have you surrendering to the rhythm in no time. Another great choice is “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. This funky tune will have you moving and grooving without a care in the world.

Surrendering to Love

Love can be a battlefield, as they say, but sometimes surrendering to love is the best option. If you’re in the mood for a heartfelt ballad about surrendering to love, look no further than Adele’s “Someone Like You.” Adele’s powerful vocals and emotional lyrics perfectly capture the experience of letting go and surrendering to the love that consumes you. Another song that beautifully explores surrendering to love is “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. This iconic ballad is a timeless reminder of the power of surrendering to love, even when it’s difficult.

Surrendering to the Party

songs about surrendering

Sometimes, surrendering to the party is just what you need to let loose and have a good time. If you’re in the mood for a song that will make you want to surrender to the party atmosphere, “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO is the perfect choice. This upbeat and energetic track will have you surrendering to the party vibes without a care in the world. Another song that will get you in the party spirit is “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston. This classic anthem will have you surrendering to the dance floor and dancing the night away.

Surrendering to the Unknown

We all have those moments where we feel uncertain and unsure about what the future holds. In times like these, surrendering to the unknown can be a liberating experience. If you’re looking for a song that perfectly captures the feeling of surrendering to the unknown, “Let It Be” by The Beatles is a timeless choice. The gentle melody and comforting lyrics remind us to let go and trust in the journey ahead. Another great song about surrendering to the unknown is “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. This empowering anthem encourages us to embrace the uncertainty and surrender to the possibilities that lie ahead.

Surrendering to Change

Change is inevitable, and sometimes surrendering to it is the only way to move forward. When it comes to songs about surrendering to change, “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson is a classic choice. This inspiring track reminds us that in order to make a difference, we must first surrender to the need for change within ourselves. Another song that beautifully captures surrendering to change is “Imagine” by John Lennon. With its thought-provoking lyrics and peaceful melody, this song encourages us to surrender to a world where change is possible and peace prevails.

Surrendering to Yourself

Lastly, sometimes the most important surrender is the one we make to ourselves. When we let go of our doubts and fears and surrender to our authentic selves, magic happens. One song that embodies this idea is “Roar” by Katy Perry. This empowering anthem reminds us to unleash our true selves and embrace our inner strength. Another great song about surrendering to oneself is “Brave” by Sara Bareilles. With its uplifting lyrics and infectious melody, this song encourages us to surrender to our own unique voice and be true to ourselves.

So, whether you’re surrendering to the rhythm, love, the party, the unknown, change, or yourself, there’s a song out there that will capture the essence of surrender. Let these songs be your soundtrack as you embrace the power and freedom that comes with surrendering.

Songs with Surrender in the Lyrics

songs about surrendering

When it comes to surrendering, sometimes music speaks louder than words. Luckily, there are plenty of songs out there that capture the essence of surrendering in their lyrics. So, if you’re in the mood to embrace the act of letting go, here are some tunes that will have you waving your white flag in no time.

“I Surrender” by Celine Dion

This power ballad from the queen of emotive singing herself is the epitome of surrender. With lyrics like “I’m ready to sacrifice my life, I would gladly do it twice”, Celine encourages listeners to let go and give in to love.

“Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey

Although surrendering might not be the primary theme of this rock anthem, the lyrics “Some will win, some will lose, some were born to sing the blues” remind us that sometimes surrendering is the only way to overcome obstacles and pursue our dreams.

“Let It Go” from Frozen

songs about surrendering

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. This song is all about empowerment, not surrendering! But if you listen closely, the lyrics “Let it go, let it go, turn away and slam the door” can also be seen as a powerful message of surrendering to the things we cannot change, and embracing our true selves.

“Surrender” by Cheap Trick

If you’re looking for a classic rock anthem about surrendering, Cheap Trick has got you covered. The lyrics “Mommy’s all right, Daddy’s all right, they just seem a little weird. Surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away” tell a relatable story of teenage rebellion and the ultimate surrender to parental authority.

“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston’s iconic rendition of this heartfelt ballad reminds us that sometimes surrendering means letting go of a love that is no longer meant to be. With lyrics like “And I wish you joy and happiness, but above all this, I wish you love”, this song beautifully captures the bittersweet act of surrendering for the sake of someone else’s happiness.

Surrendering with a soundtrack

Whether you’re surrendering to love, dreams, or simply to the whims of life, these songs with surrender in their lyrics will provide you with a perfect soundtrack for letting go. So, turn up the volume, sing along, and embrace the power of surrender. After all, sometimes surrendering is the first step towards finding something even greater.

Worship Songs about Surrendering

When it comes to surrendering in worship, there are some incredible songs that capture the essence of letting go and giving our hearts to a higher power. These songs remind us to loosen our grip on control and allow ourselves to be led by the divine. Here are some powerful tunes that will inspire you to surrender in worship:

1. “I Surrender (Yes, Cheese Please)”

With its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics, “I Surrender (Yes, Cheese Please)” has become a favorite among worshippers. This song invites us to lay down our burdens and surrender our fears, all while craving some tasty dairy. It’s a truly inspiring and grate way to surrender in worship.

2. “Let Go and Let Jesus (And Pass Me the Tacos)”

If you’re looking for a song that combines the art of surrendering with a gastronomic delight, look no further than “Let Go and Let Jesus (And Pass Me the Tacos)”. This toe-tapping tune encourages us to release control and trust in a higher power, all while satisfying our cravings for some delicious Mexican cuisine.

3. “Freedom Through Surrender (And Maybe Some Chocolate)”

Sweeten your surrendering journey with the delightful melody of “Freedom Through Surrender (And Maybe Some Chocolate)”. This song reminds us that surrendering doesn’t mean we lose our freedom, but rather find true freedom in letting go. And hey, a little chocolate never hurts when we’re on this surrendering adventure!

songs about surrendering

4. “Surrender Party (Who Brought the Pizza?)”

Nothing says surrender like a good ol’ surrender party, complete with pizza and joyous celebration. “Surrender Party (Who Brought the Pizza?)” is an energetic anthem that encourages us to surrender our worries and join in the ultimate dance party of surrender. Just make sure someone packed extra pepperoni!

5. “Release Control (But Keep the Coffee)”

For all the coffee lovers out there, “Release Control (But Keep the Coffee)” is the perfect song to surrender to. This catchy tune reminds us to let go of control and allow a higher power to take the reins, all while savoring the comforting aroma of our favorite caffeinated beverage. It’s a surrendering journey we can all relate to!

6. “Surrendering in Harmony (And Don’t Forget the Popcorn)”

Imagine surrendering in perfect harmony, with a bucket of freshly popped popcorn by your side. “Surrendering in Harmony (And Don’t Forget the Popcorn)” paints a beautiful picture of surrendering together as a community, embracing unity and fellowship while enjoying some delicious popcorn goodness. It’s a song that will make your heart sing and your taste buds tingle!

So, whether you’re craving cheese, tacos, chocolate, pizza, coffee, or popcorn, these worship songs about surrendering will lift your spirit and remind you of the joy that comes from releasing control and surrendering to a higher power. So go ahead, let go, and surrender with a side of your favorite treat!

What is the Song for Surrendering to God?

When it comes to surrendering to God, there’s no shortage of inspiring tunes to get you in the mood for spiritual surrender. These songs beautifully capture the essence of letting go and trusting in a higher power. So, sit back, relax, and let the music take you on a divine surrender journey!

“Let It Go”: The Anthem of Surrender

If you’ve been living under a rock, you might have missed the global phenomenon that is “Let It Go” from the beloved movie “Frozen.” While this empowering anthem may seem like it’s about embracing your true self, it can also be viewed as a perfect song for surrendering to God. Just replace “letting go” of fear and doubt with surrendering to a higher power, and voila! You’ve got a cathartic surrender anthem.

Surrendering to Beyoncé: “Halo”

Is there anything Queen Bey can’t do? In her hit ballad “Halo,” Beyoncé beautifully captures the essence of surrendering to a force greater than ourselves. Whether you interpret it as surrendering to God, love, or even an irresistible piece of chocolate cake, this song reminds us to let go of our ego and embrace grace.

“I Surrender All”: The Classic Hymn

For those seeking more traditional tunes, the hymn “I Surrender All” is a timeless choice. Written by Judson W. Van DeVenter, this song has been comforting souls since the late 19th century. With lyrics like “All to Jesus, I surrender / All to Him, I freely give,” it’s hard not to feel a sense of surrender and peace wash over you.

Surrendering with Style: India.Arie’s “Ready for Love”

If you’re a fan of soulful tunes, India.Arie’s “Ready for Love” is the perfect song to surrender your heart and soul to the Divine. With her enchanting voice and poetic lyrics, she reminds us to surrender our fears and open ourselves up to love and guidance from above. So, grab a cup of tea, light some incense, and let the surrender vibes take over.

Surrendering to Serenity: Enya’s “Only Time”

Traveling to the mystical lands of Enya, her transcendent song “Only Time” captures the essence of surrendering to the flow of life. As you listen to this soothing melody, you can’t help but feel a sense of calm and surrender wash over you. So, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let Enya’s angelic voice guide you into a state of peaceful surrender.

Whether you prefer modern anthems, classic hymns, or soulful melodies, there’s a song out there for everyone seeking to surrender to God. Each of these songs beautifully captures the essence of surrender and can serve as a powerful reminder to let go, trust, and embrace the divine. So, crank up the volume, sing your heart out, and surrender to the music!